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Below are a range of resources that are free for use. Please contact us if you would like to develop new materials in partnership with Someone.


Instructional materials

SOMEONE researchers and collaborator have co-created a variety of curricular resources to help teachers, educators, social workers and community leaders tackle problems associated with hate speech, racism, profiling and violent extremism. Follow the links below to read, view and hear more about these projects and to download related documents, worksheets and arts-based pedagogies.

​Lesson plans and toolkits


Image by Joshua Hanson

Instructional videos

Are you looking to incorporate a video into your curriculum or pedagogical approach to sensitize your learners to hate speech, racism, radicalisation, profiling or violent extremism? Look no further than these thoroughly researched and high-quality interviews, performances and documentaries which you can easily embed or link to in your own classroom syllabi.

Videos for educators

Community-based interviews and documentaries

Interviews on radicalization from the "From Hate to Hope" MOOC


Poetry performances

Image by Deeterontop

Online courses & webinars

Our researchers and creators have developed online courses, led webinars and developed instructional modules with international partners. You can check these out by following the links below:

​Online Courses


  • Hatred in an Era of Misinformation: Lessons from Former Extremists webinar as part of media literacy week 2018

  • PROFILE: A toolkit against racism and bias webinar for Concordia University "CU at Home"

Presentations, lectures & workshops

If you are looking for a recording of lectures and methodology workshops delivered by some of our researchers, you need look no further than here.

​Personal narrative

Methodology workshops

Lectures and panels

Image by Chris Lynch


We’ve created a unique series of podcasts with partners in human rights organisations as well as our collaborators in cultural scenes. You can check these out by following the links below:

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